While you will have your groomsmen and of course your Best Man, you will also have another little member of your wedding party, your Ring Bearer! Regardless of their age, whether they are a newborn or a teenager, they will certainly need appropriate attire.

However, with so many adorable options available for your Ring Bearer to wear, how do you narrow down your choice to just one?

Here at Tuxedo Junction & Suits, we are honored to assist you in developing the perfect wedding attire for your big day. That’s why we have gathered some tips to help you choose the perfect ensemble for your Ring Bearer. If you are looking to be inspired, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • Traditional. For a more old-style appearing Ring Bearer, the attire should be presented in either white or black, possibly navy blue. Consider a jacket, short pants, and white socks. Wedding etiquette states that the ring bearer shouldn’t be in the same ensemble as the groomsmen, however, this is entirely your choice. This outfit will represent a schoolboy charm that your guests will certainly find absolutely adorable.
  • Modern. If you are seeking a more modern appeal for your Ring Bearer, a suit or tuxedo is an optimum choice. If you are marrying within the colder months, darker suits, such as black or navy blue, are ideal. However, for a warmer wedding, consider a lighter colored linen, such as tan or white. It is always a lovely idea to coordinate a tie or pocket square to complement your wedding colors.
  • Formal. If you are having a formal or black-tie wedding, the best attire for your Ring Bearer would certainly be a tuxedo, accompanied by a bow tie, vest, and classy shoes. Of course, black would be the most appropriate color choice for such a luxurious appeal, however, you can develop the perfect combination of clothing and accessories to personally represent your wedding theme and colors.

No matter how you would like your Ring Bearer to appear, just ensure that his clothing matches your vision and interests for your big day. Here at Tuxedo Junction & Suits, it is our goal to create the best attire for your men! If you are ready to find a suit rental in Canoga Park, California, be sure to contact us today.