Getting married is such an exciting event within your life! You will spend so much time and effort to create each detail to perfectly represent your vision. While you may have found your dream wedding dress, have you given much thought to what your groom will be wearing?

From the style of your event to the color scheme, there are actually many elements that will play a role in the ensemble that you should choose for your groom.

Here at Tuxedo Junction & Suits, we are honored to provide inspiration for men’s attire. That’s why we have gathered some styling tips that the groom should keep in mind. If you are on the hunt for your own attire, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • Theme. For your wedding, you have developed a theme and color scheme. It is important that the attire of your groom complements your chosen setting and hues. For a black-tie wedding, being incredibly formal, you should opt for a tuxedo. However, if you are choosing to go more rustic, a tan suit would be most appropriate. Or, you could consider navy blue, with just the vest and no jacket, to create a more casual appearance.
  • Tailoring. It is important that the elements of your groom’s attire fit to perfection. Without proper tailoring, the jacket may be a little too loose, or the pants may not lie where they should, which would certainly create a lackluster appearance. Once you have purchased your ensemble, even if it appears to fit alright, taking it to a tailor will ensure that every little detail is up to par.
  • Details. Your wedding should be unique to you and your partner. You can jazz up your look even further with the addition of personalized details. Consider engraved cuff links to add some style to your attire, along with a pair of shoes that can offer a dash of flair, if you are seeking a unique appearance. Also, a designer bowtie is a great way to add an additional pop of color.

Just as the bride, the groom should appear equally dashing. With these style tips, you can ensure that you look nothing less than handsome on your big day. Here at Tuxedo Junction & Suits, we are ready to pair you with the perfect ensemble for your wedding. Contact us today, or come visit us in the Westfield Topanga Mall in Canoga Park, California, to find your Los Angeles, California wedding suit or tuxedo.