For your wedding or special event, you may be wanting to represent a handsome tuxedo. While you may have discovered the perfect color and size, along with the accessories, all that is left to do now is wear it!

Putting on clothes is obviously not a difficult task. But, with so many elements that comprise a tuxedo, it can be difficult to know just how exactly it all goes together.

If you have chosen a tuxedo for your big day, but aren’t too sure of how to wear it, you are in luck! Here at Tuxedo Junction & Suits, we have gathered some tips to assist you in wearing yours. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to continue reading:

  • The lapels. Your tuxedo will consist lapels, which most formally are peaked, but a shawl collar is just as equally acceptable. If you have chosen a shawl collar, the lapels are often joined to the collar, creating an unbroken loop around the shoulders and the back of the neck. Your lapels should also have a left buttonhole, so that you can easily attach a boutonniere as well.
  • The trousers. When choosing your trousers, they should be the same material as your jacket. To cover either the waistcoat or cummerbund fully, your trousers should be high-wasted. Trousers should also be worn with suspenders, and should not have belt loops. Also, black-tie trousers are actually fairly simple, meaning that they do not have cuffs.
  • The shirt. For your tuxedo, you should choose an evening shirt. The shirt’s bosom, or bib, often represents a pleated style, which is most formal. You will also be presented with either a wing or turndown collar, which are both acceptable. Wing collars are high, stretched collars, while turndowns are simply turned down.

Presenting the right look among your tuxedo is certainly a must! After all, you will want to look stunning on such a special occasion as your wedding. If you are still searching for your perfect suit, tuxedo, or accessories, Tuxedo Junction & Suits is here at assist you. Be sure to contact us today to discover your tuxedo rental in Canoga Park, California.