Many suits present themselves throughout the world. With various colors, styles, and accessories, you may be at a loss as to which suit you should choose for your big day. Will you be tying the knot among the beach? Or, maybe within a ballroom? Will your wedding be formal? Or, more casual? These are all elements that should be considered when choosing your wedding suit.

Are you in need of some assistance with assembling the perfect suit for your big day?

We are honored with the opportunity to inspire a groom’s attire. That’s why, here at Tuxedo Junction & Suits, we have created a guide to assist you in choosing your wedding suit. If you are curious to learn more, be sure to continue reading:

  • Theme. First off, you will want to determine the style of your wedding so that you can choose a suit to complement it. For a beach wedding, it would be best to go with a sand or tan colored suit. For a formal wedding, black, gray, or white would be ideal.
  • Fitted. In order for your suit to represent the best appearance, is must be properly fitted! You will want to choose a suit that best complements your body type. There are three main suits that are chosen:
    • Regular, for those who prefer a classic style.
    • Casual, best complementing a slim and slender body
    • Tailored, which showcases a more streamlined appearance.
  • Accessories. Last, you will want to choose the right accessories. A tie and a pocket square are ideal choices, along with a dashing pair of shoes. Your tie and pocket square would be best chosen to complement one another. You can choose a solid color, or ones with design to add a dash of pizzazz. Also, don’t forget the cufflinks, as they will be a handsome addition to your ensemble.

The way you represent yourself on your wedding should be anything but lackluster! If you are ready to discover your handsome suit, be sure to visit us here at Tuxedo Junction & Suits in the Westfield Topanga Mall. Please contact us today to assemble the attire for your Canoga Park, California wedding.