With every wedding comes a wedding budget. You will have a set amount of money that you are able to spend on elements of your wedding, such as your attire. While the wedding dress can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, it is also important to remember that the groom’s attire should be included as well.

If you are on a stricter budget when it comes to choosing your wedding attire, you will certainly want to discover a cost-friendly ensemble.

We understand that weddings can be quite costly! That’s why, here at Tuxedo Junction & Suits, we have gathered some tuxedo inspiration for those grooms who are on a budget. If you are curious to learn more, be sure to continue reading:

  • The classic tuxedo. To represent luxury within your ensemble, a classic tuxedo is an ideal choice. There is no need for extravagance, as you can discover a dapper appearance within the finer details. A basic shirt, jacket, and bowtie can provide just the right look for such a formal occasion, while still be budget friendly.
  • The slim-fit tuxedo. For a more modern appeal, consider a slim-fit tuxedo. Showcasing a polished appearance, you can look nothing less than formal while still keeping your money in the bank!
  • The printed tuxedo. Choosing a tuxedo that highlights pizzazz will allow you to represent a powerful appearance throughout your ensemble, without needing to purchase any additional detailed items. Forgo the fancy cufflinks and allow your printed tuxedo, whether it be plaid, stripes, or any other design, to be the prominent feature.

Many tuxedos are available for your big day! These are just a few that you can choose to assist you in keeping some extra money in the bank. If you are ready to discover your wedding attire, please visit us here at Tuxedo Junction and Suits. We are located in the Westfield Topanga Mall in Canoga Park, California, and would be honored to meet with you to help you choose your Los Angeles tuxedo or suit rental.